Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Holidays & Roadtrips

The last week has been HECTIC!

So I decided to spring a surprise holiday on a very unsuspecting individual which went down an absolute treat. We decided to go to North Germany (mainly because I love Germany and can speak the language which makes things easier).

It was a fabulous few days and the weather was hotter than the UK which is always a bonus ;) I would definitely recommend Bremen for a city break. So much to see and do and it's not too denting on the the old bank balance either! If you are considering going I will happily write you a little list of things to see and do.

Then... 2 days after arriving home myself and a few girl friends decided to take a road trip. I absolutely love road trips and this was no exception. Visiting the small town of Bakewell provided lots of delicious food and a look around the markets. Again, I would also recommend this for a quick weekend getaway. I seem to building a theme of city breaks with my posts...

How was your week?

Fashionpandaa xox


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